CheFEM Software
  CheFEM®, developed by Composite Agency, stands for
Chemical potential based FEM simulation. CheFEM enables
virtual analysis of the effect of prolonged chemical exposure
on service life of polymers, coatings and composites.

CheFEM prologue has a web based interface with an
ultra powerful computation engine on the CheFEM server.
The build-in library contains all relevant chemical-physical
parameters (e.g. Sanchez - Lacombe Equation of State)
for all commonly used chemicals and materials. Software
is compatible with Windows, Apple and Android.
Key Features CheFEM Channel Free Trial
    Swelling, Plasticizing & Chemical Ageing
  Permeation, Diffusivity, Time Lag
  Degradation & (Substrate) Corrosion
  Integrated Fracture Analysis
  Rapid Gas Decompression Analysis
  Osmosis & Blister Formation
  Alone / Plug-in Mechanical FEM Software
CheFEM Release Spring 2014
CheFEM Release Summer 2013
CheFEM Release Spring 2013
Using CheFEM with Surface Tab
  Contact us for the free CheFEM
prologue trial. Trial contains chemicals
and materials of interest, chemical-
physical models and experimental