CheFEM for permeation, corrosion and mechanical response
of polymers, composites, seals and coatings.

About CheFEM
CheFEM simulation is based on Chemical Mixing Thermodynamics in combination with Finite Element Methodology (FEM). CheFEM has a chemical-physical library and computation engine on the CheFEM server. CheFEM handles commonly, as well as exotic, materials and chemicals. Software is compatible with Windows, Apple and Android.
Key Features
■  Permeation, Swelling, Plasticizing
■  Corrosion Rate & Interface Fracture
■  Fibre Sizings Degradation
■  Microvoid & Blister Formation
■  Rapid Gas Decompression
■  Graphene Reinforcement & Coating
■  Alone & Plug-in to FEM Software
■  High Correlation with Experiments