CheFEM for permeation, corrosion and mechanical response
of polymers, composites, seals, coatings.

What is CheFEM App?
CheFEM App combines chemical (mixing) thermodynamics with mechanical analysis of polymers based materials. As such, CheFEM allows rigorous quantification of gas & fluid permeation, chemical resistance and mechanical response in applied conditions.

Development and validation of CheFEM App was carried out under the auspices of reputable universities and companies.
Key Features
■  Permeation, Swelling, Plasticizing
■  Corrosion Rate & Interface Fracture
■  Fibre Sizings Degradation
■  Microvoid & Blister Formation
■  Rapid Gas Decompression
■  Graphene Reinforcement & Coating
■  Any Chemical & Any Polymer
■  High Correlation with Experiments