CheFEM Software
  CheFEM® enables virtual analysis of permeation,
corrosion and mechanical response of polymers,
composites, seals & coated metals.

CheFEM simulation is based on advanced Chemical
Thermodynamics (incl. Sanchez-Lacombe EoS) in
combination with Finite Element Methodology.

CheFEM prologue is an App with a chemicals-materials
library and computation engine on CheFEM server.
Software is compatible with Windows, Apple and Android.
Key Features CheFEM Channel Activation
  ■  Permeation, Diffusivity, Time Lag
■  Swelling, Plasticizing & Chemical Ageing
■  Degradation & (Substrate) Corrosion
■  Integrated Fracture Analysis
■  Rapid Gas Decompression
■  Microvoid & Blister Formation
■  Alone / Plug-in Mechanical FEM Software
CheFEM Release Summer 2014
CheFEM Release Spring 2014
CheFEM Release Summer 2013
CheFEM Release Spring 2013
  Contact us for activation of CheFEM
prologue. CheFEM can be configured
for chemicals, materials, reinforcements,
industrial applications and output of
your specific interest.